Wednesday, August 6, 2008

paper dispensor at the wrong location

While discussing about Singapore "dirty female toilets" with a couple of people, I concur that the situation has improved but like I said, after 40 years of cilvilsation, I expect better. We are quick to develop economically, and academically. Socially, i think we still have a huge gap to catch up!

Anycase back to toilets.
At the Singapore airport at T3, it was clean and odorless, probably due to low crowd for that moment. As I was washing my hands and dripping off the final droplets off my hands at the sink, I realise the napkin/ tissue paper dispenser was near the door, about 3 sinks distance away.

I personally think this is a design flaw. If you put the tissue dispenser so far away from the sink, then obviously you will get wet dirty floor very soon when traffic increase. People with dripping wet hands will walk this distance to get to the tissue. Even with my best efforts of shaking my hands dry at the sink before walking to the tissue dispensor, I still leave a few drops on the floor.
So imagine a crowded toilet with people walking everywhere. You can imagine how gross the floor will look.

In IFC HK and even the toilet at Pacific Place where the AMG cinema is, the tissue dispensor is place where the sink is, so is the bin. This makes sense.

I hope the next / future toilet designer will think about human behaviour when they start to design a common facility place....I am not complaining, just an observation of a design factor that contribute to dirty toilet floors....

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