Thursday, August 14, 2008

Relocation from to Oz to HK is complete!

The relocation is complete!

Its taking alittle longer than usual to settle down this time due to damages followup and little nitty gritties. Thanks to lousy Sydney Crown packers, I had a heartache for a while over the damaged items.... I have learnt my lessons. I will stick to Santa Fe from now on...
Had spent 2 days alone just tidying up the kitchen and store. I have cleaniness complusion and considering kitchen is where food is prepared and cutlery stored, I couldnt help wiping down every corner. Not to mention raging war with roaches that I saw and sealing up every conceivable and visible cracks and notches.

I have been really lucky that the weather has been relatively agreeable, if not pleasant considering I'm still in summer. The breeze is coming through the unit since I returned. The sun is doing me a great favor too is drying up all my laundry quickly. (My poor overworked washer....)

Still, its finally a relieve to not live life out of a suitcase anymore. The whole of July has been a blur, zipping from one country to another. Most importantly, I missed my bed though I had sleepless night the first day being so unaccustomed to the comfort. My husband and I laughed at the thought that our back has gotten use to the hard beds at hotels.

Its a good thing too that pollution is not as bad lately, probably with the temporary clampdown on evil factories choking the air with toxic waste. At least I am seeing blue skies and white clouds.

I really missed being back in Asia.
The comfort food, the familiar assortment and selections, my chinese veges, my chinese programs, fast service. However there are somethings I missed too from Australia - the fresh butcher meats instead of frozen, sweetest corn and fruits....

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