Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics China Lip sync scandal

Have heard a lot of B.S in my life up to date and this probably is one of them as well. I didnt know if I should be disgusted or bemused by the latest little girl lip sync "scandal" for China Olympics. [article link] I'm just glad there are people out there who still thinks what BJ committee did is inapproperiate. Totally misguided intentions.

From what I gather from media news, below was the 3 main points that left a bad taste.

1. China defended its move of condoning the lip sync move as the real singer "didnt have the right image". To put it bluntly, the real singer Peiyi wasnt pretty enough to represent China.

2. China insisted that so long everyone in the committee agree to the decision, hence it was a right and acceptable one.

3. China decided to remove all related internet (media) articles and post within China.

My thoughts

1. It is such a ridiculous backward (feng jian)and anal thinking that "LOOKS" is the most important factor. Nevermind that generations of woman have worked doubly hard and busted their ass to prove their worth in school, work and modern society. Nevermind that we have always told our kids that looks isnt everything nor the most important thing in life. In the first place, the real singer isnt that bad looking and the fake poser wasnt exactly that spectacular either.

Going by the same looks theory. If looks are sooo important factor as it is a representation of china, then perhaps the China government official should all consider to work behind the scenes as well, and leave media spotlight, countries visiting, media interviews to handsome China male models, since the govt body truly represent the people of china. Afterall, all we need is the government official brains and none of the current official has any good looks (nor good straight teeth) to go by.

2. Just because a small bunch of committee people agree to such a stupid decision doesnt mean it is a wise nor correct choice. No wonder we have so many unethical, unhygienic, unsafe, poisonous fake and contaminated food supply and products coming out of china. Simply because "everyone" agree that it was an ok business decisions.

3. If China doesnt want people to discuss their grand effort negatively, then please do not make and execute such preposterous decision of using a lipsync method. And if u have the guts to condone such an act, then don't hide and pretendthe issue never existed.

As a popular chinese saying goes...
(ruòyào rén bù zhī,chúfēi jǐ mòwéi)

Last but not least, I wonder how many people in that committee including the parents have spared a thought for the Peiyi's feelings. Her "achievement" will always be tainted with this memory that she had a body double because "she wasnt good looking nor cute enough".
Will she have self doubts and be conscious about her own looks as she grows up later in life? How will she ever relate this story in future.

Imaginery conversations

Peiyi: "Oh i sang for the opening ceremony song for BJ Olympics!!!"
Friends: "Oh really! That is fantastic! How did it feel like to be there?"
Peiyi: "I don't know..... I wasnt pretty enough to be selected, they only used my voice..."

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