Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to HK

After all the fun and food gorging....it was time to board the plane and head back to HK yesterday.

We decided to have lunch at the airport since I havent had Brewerks for a long while and the beer battered fish remains as good as I remembered.. though the portions (size of fillet) have shrunk a little comparing to olden days. However, service was prompt, attentive and good. They even offered swapping chips to salad when they overheard us saying we didnt feel like chips before the flight. This is delightful service. Alert, Initiative without prompting.

The flight was uneventful except for a couple of bumps. I was completely unaffected and actually fell a sleep while unknown to me, my husband was actually crossing fingers that the turbulence wont worsen.

As I would always thank my overseeing angels despite not being a catholic, my flight landed safely at 7.15pm, and at 7.20pm, HK announced Level 3 Typhoon unknown to me then. Talk about impeccable timing! I was totally oblivious to the conditions outside with the strong wind and beating rain. I didnt hear any announcements at all at the airport.

The only thing that I noticed that was out of the ordinary was when I was taking the airport express to HK station. I commented to my husband that "the train was unusually rocky...bouncing from side to side". My husband didnt notice till I mentioned it but we didnt think much of it either.

It was only much later that night that I knew of the impending typhoon 8 warning and realisation dawn on me....why the train was rocky and why the plane descended very slowly amongst the thick white clouds.

Thank god for a good SQ pilot. I didnt even know I was potentially in the midst of a storm so to speak!

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