Friday, August 29, 2008

The only bright spark...

Now that I got my partial frustrations vented, I needed to commend this PCCW sales guy Bryan as well. I was just lucky that I got him really over the phone.

The first time I reached him was with the intention of checking the process of applying for landline, internet and cable TV. It was 8pm and honestly I didnt expect anyone to service a sales call that late. Surprisingly, Bryan picked up my call and explained many details to me, and warning of the terms & conditions. He even spent alot of time to fit and select suggested programs options for me to pick and choose. It was 9.30pm by then and we were both hungry. He asked if he could go for dinner first and i was more than willing as I needed on myself. He promised to call back at 10.30pm and he did!

When all was settled, he gave me his direct line if I needed any help. Thankfully he did as I encountered much problems.

My landline started getting spam fax calls at night. I called Bryan and he suggested several options.

The second day, I realised my cable TV problems and I called Bryan again. He was so helpful that he linked me up with the (useless) technical customer service line.

The problem was not solved and I left a voice message when I couldnt get through the technical line after 2 hours myself. I was hoping he had some internal numbers... which he didnt. He was sympathetic to my plight and promised to help. He returned my call later after 1.5hours stating he couldnt get through either and will try the next morning. he actually apologised. He was the sales guy and his after sales service was impressive. I apologised for the constant trouble but he was a perfect gentleman about it.

The next day the technical people called me and I tried not to bother Bryan any more. He had been most helpful, and the only person as far who had decent English. Unfortunately, he was the only bright spark in my whole encounter with PCCW. What a shame there isnt more like him.
Still, I am constantly grateful for his help...

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