Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a hectic day

The greatest hassle in moving to another country is starting all over again.

I dun just mean the circle of friends or knowing people and shops, its the paper work, the stocking up of stuff for the new place, facing the tormenting customer service of all the service providers like phone, electricity, gas, internet, banking etc. Its just crazy and absolutely time consuming. They should have a group of people who help settle new "immigrants" and let them take care of all these hassle, so leaving us more time and space to worry about other aspects.

Been all about getting new stuff to stock the place. Myer is having a great sale so bought tons of country road towels, bought a new Samsung small TV while waiting for my old plasma to be shipped over, bought tons of groceries and detergents etc. Damn, hell loads of unpacking to do later and cleaning up too! not to mention a really $$$$ exhausting excercise in replacing everything left behind.

It has been raining the past few days and mostly near eve time. Went over to jamie place and pick up some chairs and a camping bed thing to tide over till my bed arrives. Driving in australia is just as tedious as in HK really. Alot of lanes are no turns and once you are on the wrong road, it can be quite abit of headache as well. In HK, most roads are one lane and so you essentially only worry about front and back. In Sydney, lotsa roads are 2 lanes, so now while figuring the way, you have to worry about cars from ALL directions. Not fun at all and its really exhausting.

Still adapting to ways in sydney and its already a horrific experience just trying to get my temp prepaid mobile SIM card. Its a PAIN and god, i wish there are more singtel in Australia without trying to complicate my life any further with all the 101 types of plans (which are all just to squeeze every peeny out of me) and honestly, service in Optus just doesnt cut it, telstra is expensive like hell and so i thought i'll try Vondafone. I'll leave the story that for another day. Time for dinner...


LPPL said...

Yes you are right. Over here in NZ too. Internet and mobile charges are very expensive. Imagine that hotel charged 0.68cents/min on internet. Also, there is no unlimited package on internet. they limit the amount of downloads u can have per month. So pathetic.

"Know Thyself" said...

yah man! i have to pay thru my nose for the internet and prepaid too. I cannot rem the rate but i know it cost me close to A$1 per min. And i thot singtel was a rip off, singtel looks like SAINT next to these folks!!!