Friday, July 20, 2007

Peaceful Friday

I have no idea how Dom manage all the energy to take pictures and then download them into his blog. I'm dead lazy. The thought of having to plug the camera, download, reshrink the pictures, login to my blog and then upload the image is already so tiring in my head...

Anycase, weather in sydney started off with pouring rain and now at 3pm, its bright and sunny again. The house infront of my apartment is sprouting soot prob from their fireplace and so I figure i better shut the window for today.

Went to Kam Fook Chinese restaurant last nite in Bonji Junction for dinner. After a week of total refrain, i couldnt take it anymore. I just have to HAVE that COKE with my peking duck dish. Of course i Paid the price of having my cough getting worse that nite, but i JUST have to have it!!!! Feeling it gulp down my throat feeelsssss sooooo goood..... *burp*

Walk around Target for a quick look and came out empty handed. There is absolutely nothing for me there.... I think I should stick to Myers. By far, Myers has shwn the lowest price and great variety for most daily stuff u need.

I stare forlonly at the pile of ironing to do today. I misss my maid already. Damn. Now I actually have to figure out how the piece of sprouting steam device works. I just HATE ironing... arrrrgggghhhh!!!

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