Sunday, July 15, 2007

Not a humidifer in sight...

The nites are really cold here, down to single digits and it only make me miss my down quilt even more!!!! My shippment is only gonna arrive on 20th and excluding the time at australian customs, i am hoping to get everything in 2 weeks!

Strangely despite the really dry air and the heater sucking out all the moisture in the house, no where in sydney sells a humidifier. I hunted every store and no retail stores carry it. Its an agony when you have a cough and cold and the dry air simply irritates it worse. So i have to wake up every other few hours to wet a face towel with hot water and place it over my face to breathe in some moisture. Bloody tiring if you ask me. Not to mention the eyes become really dry too, am just glad i dun have to wear contacts.

The only bright spark i have here is the cheap thrill of having an in-sink erator. They have it quite widely in us and this apartment has it too and i love it. What it does is to grind all the left over food bits waste and so you simply have less "wet" garbage. Not sure why asia doesnt implement this grinder thing in the new flats, so darn useful when you are cooking! And i love the fact that they have so many recycling bins easily available at my place so that i can throw them out easily into the different categories for the plastics and papers etc.

Not hving to work, simply made me lose track of time. I stop remembering if its mon or sun. Trust me, i'm not complaining, totally enjoying every moment of this stress free life at this junction. Feels good (except for the cough and cold of course..)!!

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LPPL said...

Wait till you come here where it falls below zero. hehe!!