Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ikea and Peter of Kensington

Last weekend was a fruitful one.

Amongst other bits and pieces, head out to Ikea and bought myself a new bedside table. Driving there was a little tricky as the instructions in the website said to "enter via Rhodes shopping center." Like hell i know where that is since it wasnt on the driving map. However, with a stroke of luck and eagle eye on my part, I noticed a little sign that said "Rhodes Shopping center" along the way just before the traffic lights. So we did a quick change of lane and turn left, with me crossing my fingers and toes that I didnt make a major boo boo, which surprisingly for a change I didnt and led us right on the shortcut path. Henceforth, we saved a good 30mins from the intended roundabout detour (based on the map).

The selection in Ikea was suspiciously smaller range than that of asia. Basically, I didnt have any designs to choose, they were all deadpan solid colours. My beloved Ikea fleece blanket range was strangely limited to 2 types and vastly smaller in size, compared to those i bought in singapore previously (not to mention missing in whopping design selections).

While it didnt have the usual asia service (MIA really), thankfully there was a computer for me to locate the asle of the tableboxes i needed. As usual, it was utter pain to fix it up and wondering where the screws and bolts should go and I bet my neighbour below was none too pleased with the hammering noise at 8pm. Still the end result was immensely satisfying, with my little new reading lamp stack on top too!
In the same day, went out to "Peter of Kensington" warehouse sale (Thanks to michelle's recommendation!) and bought a whole new load of scanpans! If you dun spend any time in kitchen, then you wont understand the beauty of scanpan. Top of the range with its non stick feature, good heat diffusion and solid no nonsence steel. Its a steal out there today coz the pots and pans are so cheap. I had to hold a tight leash on lanny before he went absolutely crazy, and i mean hilariously crazy. I have never met a man so obessed in pots and pans....

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