Sunday, July 8, 2007

Simmons, the great bed to get

If you are looking for a bed, hesitate no more and head straight to Simmons and look under the sang wool series. I laid on it and i swear to you, i didnt want to ever leave my bed. I thought my current simmon bed was "evil enough" to lure me to stay in bed for long hours, but this new model which absolutely moulds to my body and absolutely no movement detected even if you roll a truck across!!! I think i run a risk of ever leaving my bed room alive with this new bed! haaa haa.

This new Simmon mattress works on the similar principle as that "nasa" designed mattress that contours and support your spine but this is even better! The nasa mattress takes a while to sink in ever time you change your body position so your body need to constantly adapt to the changes. I reckon it takes about 6 secons for the mattress to recognise the new position. The simmon model, only about 3 secs and you hardly felt it.

I think Simmon is really just unbeatable. I tried the various major brands and i tried Sealy, they just dun cut it. I just keep feeling the spring underneath that its annoying.

The funniest thing is that my butt is such a good detector. No kidding. it "sniffs" out the best type of mattress , telling me if its too firm, too soft, too springy etc. Once my butt likes it, then I will lie on it. The sales girl keep telling me that I must lie on it and not trust my "butt' but i beg to differ. So i sat around a few mattress and told the salesgirl my gauge on the type of mattress accurately (soft, medium/ firm/ spring/ latex/ foam etc) and so she was kind speechless and let me be.

My butt are pretty good sensor, considering i sit on my bed a great deal more than i lie on it since i like to read / watch TV / use laptop on my bed. if my butt doesnt like what it "feels", my body wont like it too. I love my butt. haaa haaaa.

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