Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Movers

If you ever have to relocate, I strongly recommend Santa Fe to do the job for you. While I didnt think much of the surveyor and the admin person, the packers/ movers are absolutely a relief. They are always chirpy, careful and efficient n going about to do their job. They finish packing our place in 1.5day and they simply ease the worries of move by more than half. The last thing you need is someone trying to wreak your stuff even before they get out of your house!

We heard of horror stories where our friends had their cargo left out in the rain and half of the stuff were damaged. I am crossing my fingers that while the movers are good, hopefully the cargo at the ports dun get mistreated!!

The movers told me lotsa of stories in their work. Over the 2 days (after realising that I dun breathe down their neck at all), they got really friendly and told me some of the horrors they see in 18years of their work.

One of the indian clients had offered them beer and later turn the table on them and complain that they stole the beer and drank during their work! what an arsehole!!Another incident that they shared was one HK Chinese family, their maid offered the workers coke and the owners ended up complaining to the company that the movers stole their coke!! Of coz the maid wont say a thing since she didnt want to get reprimanded!

I was shocked at the existence of such crappy people and also laughing at realisation why the workers were pretty hesitant to take the drinks and coke from me on the first day since they werent sure what to make out of us. By the next day, they were more accepting and by the end of their shift, they were happy people with 6 bottles of red wine from us since we didnt want to bring them to australia with us. Its a small reward for all the hard work. Then again, these movers are pretty lucky i would say, I dun think many local clients would turn the aircon on for them for 2 days for their comfort either!! Yet, I think its a small price to pay (in terms of bill) if it keeps them happy, and my goods safe and sound:) logical aint it?

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