Saturday, July 14, 2007

My grief in sydney

Something hit me so suddenly that one moment i was fine, and the next I had the worst sorethroat and was burning up. I guess the winter flu is making its round on whatever host it can find. So now here I am, suffering from s.throat, cough, flu, fever and backache (frm sleeping on the floor for 3 days). My landlord was a doll. He found out my lack of sleep and offer to send down a old single to tide me thru. He is an absolute dear.

Australia service industry is a slump and a dump. Everyone has been so incredibly outsourced that the people no longer value or take pride in their work. They are just so slack. Imagine buyng a new washer, dryer and new bed, and the delivery guys just dump the stuff at the doorway and tell you their job doesnt include assembly. Ridiculous isnt it? They expect me to heave a bloody washer by myself? Jokers. Just terribly disappointed for a country like sydney not to have any sense of ownership. Utterly useless. These sort of standard will never ever cut it in Asia. In singapore, HK, it is literaly expected that setting up and delivery are part of the bundle of purchase. In Sydney, its a completely different scene. So anycase, never again will i ever by anything from the store "the GOOD guys." more like "The Arsehole Guys" suit them to a T.

And Telstra as usual, big company with all the internal crap, hotline doesnt even pick up the line after 30mins of waiting. All you hear is excuses and excuses. Of course, the helpdesk is completely useless and they didnt even know how to fix my complaint of crawling broadband connection. Tell me all stupid things like clearing cache etc. If she wasnt located in India and before me, I would seriously wringe her neck. So in the end, I just run trhough my laptop and fix the prblem myself based on my suspicion. It was just the network card settings, the stupid helpdesk didnt even think about checking there despite the fact i told her the packet rate sent/ receive is just looking too wrong. 60k byte vs 104 byte. One engineer even tell me my laptop (2 yrs old) wont be able to pick up the speed. I wanted to stare incredulously at him but decide not to insult him. Too tired.

Went to get Vodaphone prepaid card and that simple thing gave me problem too. Its crazy. It keep prmptin me to send message every minute. Brought the card back to the store and both the guys couldnt resolve the prblem either. Strangely, when i inserted their sim card, i didnt have any problem. Seems like the prepaid card and my phone doesnt click.The strange side of technology.

And NEW Electrolux washer, couldnt spin properly. Damn thing moved like 50cm from the original spot and i have to wait the WHOLE day for someone to come in on thurs. No time specified. Just whole day. So what, they gonna bring me lunch? Again, its stupid and crazy.

The only thing that didnt give me a headache? My new Hi def samsung LCD TV bought from Myers.

Now, That is a MAJOR relief....

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LPPL said...

oh dear. sounds really miserable!!. everything is so expensive here too and services is definitely extra charge.