Monday, July 16, 2007


Got a buzz from E this eve. It was absolutely fantastic!!!!! I miss my gf! In fact i was just thinking about her last nite and here she is, just on the other end of the phone! How cool is that!

We chatted for over an hour (of coz i was warm and snug in bed), ranging from her new job, exams, new hair, my move etc. It felt so good to hear a familiar voice in a foreign land, especially when you are moping around the house in the cold and coughing your lungs out. I was JUST SO excited to hear her and I miss that spunk, that cheer in her voice. It was sooo nice!

Just an absolute lovely nite. She reminded me of buying a mask which i completely forgotten.

You see, that's why we have good frends, they are like your family extensions! Speaking of which, thanks to Anna's thoughful medi pack that got me thru so far. If she hadnt pass me those extra medicine she gotten from her doc for common cold and sorethroat when i move to HK, I would be 10 fold worse now I swear to god. I dun go travelling without my little medi pouch now stuff with "goodies", just canx risk it especially when you do not know if u have a good doc near you when u need one.

Good Friends, you simply cannot live without them.

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