Sunday, July 1, 2007

Halfway thoughts

Am halfway through packing. Its amazing how much junk I have accumulated, so this is an excellent opportuntity for me to offload things i have been procrastinating to dump, and some decent spring cleaning. Luckily Santa fe is doing most of the packing and i just need to pack those which i'm gonna lug onto the plane with me (which is still rather alot!!!!) I hate to say but I think i have bought too much shoes. Its tough trying to squeeze 7 pairs of shoes into my cabin bag man. Arrrgghh.

People been asking me what's my plan next after the move. Answer is "Nothing". I have absolutely planned nothing. Just gonna idle and bum around for a while till my next calling. I guess its time to take my long overdue "sabbatical" leave and so a break is good for recharge.

Friends asked me if i am heading back to cosmetics industry. I have no clue at this junction. I love the industry and its challenges, and the hectic schedule. but right now, I just need a break to recharge. One step at a time baby.

Kev wrote to me today. He said it felt so strange for him to walk past my table and no longer see me there. I smiled. He's the most sentimental of the lot and I know I will miss him too. Its funny how the most unlikely person always end up as my good friends.


LPPL said...

talking about shoes, i also have so many from HK. gosh!! u just did a goo job in reminding me how to pack it all up..

"Know Thyself" said...

haa haaa!!I seem to remind alot of people about their shoes huh!!!!:)