Friday, July 20, 2007

Dinner @Azuma

I never knew it is possible but yes, I'm actually suffering from "Japanese Food" withdrawal!!! I miss my Japanese food sooo much that I JUST have to have my Japanese food. So tonite, brave the cold and went to try out this place "AZUMA", which is suppose to be one of the good one in sydney (getoff @ Martin Place train station)

The food was delightful. The variety isnt as wide as you would get in Asia. Even Sashimi is relatively limited to mainly Tuna and Salmon and fresh prawn. As I am still recovering, I decided to give Sashimi a miss and head straight to cook food.

What we order was

1. Tempura Ebi Maki
2. Chawamushi (steam egg)
3. Braised Pork Rib
4. Fried Pacific Oyster
5. Abalone cooked with butter and garlic, served in shell
6. Grilled eggplant with miso

In terms of taste, i would say its pretty tasty but I wont call it excellent. Food presentation isnt their strength after you have eaten enough japanese food in Japan, HK and Singapore. However, service was delightful and attentive and friendly.

The prawn in the maki was kinda small like a scampi unlike the typical big fat prawn that i got accustomed to in asia. However the grilled eggplant was excellent, and they even remove the skin which made eating a breeze without having to scrape the flesh off the skin.

The oyster was a bit overfried and so it wasnt as succulent as i had hope and the abalone was abit too buttery but still tasy.

All in all a good meal for A$143 and totally satisfy my cravings for a good japanese meal. I am missing terribly the jap restaurant that Josephine and I always go to in causeway bay now...Still, I am thankful for the great dinner tonite.

Contact Details for Azuma Japanese Restaurant
Tel :(02) 9222 9960
Address : Level 1, Chifley Plaza, 2 Chifley Square (Cnr. of Phillip & Hunter Street)Sydney NSW 2000

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LPPL said...

Oh I love japanese food in NZ too. so fresh. let me write something about that too. haha..