Thursday, July 5, 2007

Terrible Cathay Pacific Service

I couldnt believe Cathay you know. They tried to upgrade us from business to first class, but the seat was faulty and doesnt allow the seat to recline or flatten out. Now, what good does that do me for a 9hrs flight? So i said no to the "down" - upgrade and wanted to retain my biz class seats. The STUPID HK guy who couldnt smatter a decent line of english still gave me the first class seats anycase and was so self convinced that those were the right tickets. I walked to another lady and she told me the seats were fixed.

When i got into the cabin, i asked the senior flight attendance to test the seat before i would accept the change. She told me the seat was faulty. I was furious at the whole stupidity of the situation. I demanded to have my seats back, especially when i said NO to the change in the first place. Talk about incompetency.

A flurry of stewardess, engineers, ground crew walked in and out of the plane, while they stiff us to one corner and expected us to wait for good 5-7 minutes. They were lucky that i had enough sleep and so my tolerance bandwidth was pretty high that night. Finally, I had enough and i told the senior stewardess that i just want my f$%$^kiing seats back coz i want to sleep and finally they got moving. And of coz, the next morning before we land, one of the senior stewardess came to us and apologise profusely about the unfortunate incident. I told her that the moment has passed and i wasnt mad anymore. However, I didnt tell her that it was an "unforgettable" moment that I was ready to forget so soon.

So once again, cathay pacific service is terrible, it sucks and people in HK really need to learn to speak decent english. i cannot comprehend for the life of me, how cathay pacific can possibly beat SQ. not being partial here but many things, cathay pacific left me pretty dissatisfied more than happy bubbly. Plus if you think SQ girls aint much of a lookers, you might as well cover your eyes with the eye mask on CX as well. You aint missing much either...


LPPL said...

i think SIA is the best airline in the world. i am sick and tired of CX meals. very cantonese. lots of sauce. also they are not as warmth as SIA girls.. :)

"Know Thyself" said...

yah man, and SIA has such great movies selection even in economy, cathay really sucks big time in terms of value. I think what attract people to cathay is mainly the price that is always lower than SQ between HK and SG. given the same price, i think everyone will rush for SIA.then again, that's just my feel.