Sunday, July 1, 2007

Catching up

It was a utterly rush trip back to SG. Couldnt stay any longer due to packing for the move in HK. The girls took leave and we met up for lunch and went shopping and of coz, we talked,talked and talked non stop. Some things just dun change:)

Visited wah at his new place on thurs nite. Considering it was across my bro's place, it was incredibly convenient. The compound was quite nicely built and so was his place. It was lucky that i caught him that nite coz they were leaving for Bintan the next day. So we chatted till about close to midnite before i took my leave.

My bro drove us to his favourite BBQ haunt coz he knew i havent had those BBQ stingray for ages. Even though we always have family dinner together the last year since I left, nothing beats this one. Finally the good old times are back and things are back to normal and everyone can finally relax. Phew!

On sat noon, my exboss came over my bro's place to catch up since i didnt have much time to hangout. We talked about what's happening around him and I told mum the Boo BOo about my boss 's sotong history. Mum said i shouldnt be so "mean" when my boss is so nice to me, but kf conceded he is really quite blur. Haa haaaa. he's a nice chap, plus he's so use to my "bullying!!" whaahaaaa.

Mum tried to take a picture for us before we left for the airport but i guess she still wasnt use to digital camera and so both takes turned out fuzzy. Oh well, technology does get some getting use to and my camera isnt the most friendly.

Kf's got himself a Honda Jazz. He said I have the honor of being his first passenger apart from his wife. Soooo flattered:) However, as usual, kf didnt fail me on his blur-ness. It was hilarious about his failed attempt to get me to terminal one. Can u imagine? 2 singaporean getting lost on way to airport?!!! Haaa gaaaa. I was like telling him "No No!! Left lane Left lane to T1!!!!" Kf said "ooopss... too late." So we ended up parking at T2 and took the Skytrain across. I jokingly asked him "Do u know when was the LAST time i took the sky train?!!!" :)

He hung around till it was time for me to board the plane. I told him that i honestly forgot how it felt like to have someone sending me off. It was really nice of him. Been so use to travelling by myself that I almost forgot to turn around and wave bye to him as i cross the immigration. Ha ha.

All in all, a short but good trip. Happy! Will be months again before I will be back. I am so going to miss my chinese food....

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