Monday, July 16, 2007

my whinges and Ooooss

Been tryng everything to get rid of the cold, from pear juice, chicken soup to the most traditional chinese cough mixture (with pi pa).. apparently nothing works just yet. Damn, looks like I have to "cough" it through till my body fights it off.


Electric blankets are the best invention for winter nites... so warm and cozy, I dun ever wanna leave my bed. Thankfully in typical Australian fashion, most houses like mine is carpeted, except the toilet. After a few nites of cold tingling shock up my feet from midnite "weee", I headed out to lifestyle shop to grab the longest widest rug i could find to lay the floor. And i got a cute lady bug one too!!! Ok, I know, that's the 0.1% little girl in me making the purchase decision. I always have a penchant for ladybird :P

Bodum thermal "lipstick" flask, what o earth would i do without them to keep my throat warm in the middle of the nite when i thirst from dehydration... glup glup... nice....


I like Bondi Junction, they have everything there! Well almost.. just not a humidifier..

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