Thursday, July 26, 2007

I canx believe I Just did that!

I did the most unthinkable thing yesterday. I joined a Gym.

Ok, joining a gym is no biggie but I have never ever proactively self talk myself into one, until yesterday... I guess in life, there is always a first time.

Basically as i was walking aimlessly in Bondi Junction, I stumbled into Fitness First and wanted to ask the price. After like about half hour nearing the end of the consultation, I was about to walk off because seriously, asking me to fork out $300 for initial membership is not part of my worldly plan, no matter how much I know i need to excercise after 2 years of non activity while staying in Hong Kong.

As heaven will it, the consultant's peer told him the promotion of today was waiver of membership fee. So that means i get to join without having to pay the A$300, only the weekly subscription fee of A$24. That sounds reasonable.

I struggle for a while and finally i did it. Because i need to get my procrastinating butt off the sofa and start some movements or my joints will eventually crack at every movement. I need to get my health back and into shape. I get tired and sick easily now and its not good. I use to be so much healthier back in singapore where i could still jog round the track or reservoir or even swim by usual 40laps. Hong Kong's air is so bad that I just didnt want to do anything extra that will force my lungs to pump in extra filth through my body filter system. Now I think i can barely manage 15laps. Disgusting and pathetic.

So I took the plunge. I still cannot believe it and reeling from some degree of anxiety and disbelief at what I just sign on the dotted line.... I should be in one of the classes today but I overslept from staying up to read my book, plus my cough was back last nite.. was it from anxoety?! Ghees....
So tomorrow, I promise myself I must go tomorrow. Afterall, didnt i just spend $300 on my gym gear?!!!! Arrrggghhh.


LPPL said...

last time when in nz, i also joined the gym. i find that exercising in nz is very motivating coz health and figures are of great concern there. i cannot loose out to the fit guy mah right? so do u. hahaha

"Know Thyself" said...

haa haaaaa, u are trying to convince a sniffing woman to be fit.. i procrastinated, i still havent gone for my first gym class yet! haaaaa

LPPL said...

procrastinating will lead to obesity. hahaha... scared??

"Know Thyself" said...

i am still losing weight leh.. only fat @waist. haaa