Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh my singaporeans..:)

I was bored and started surfing facebook and it got funnier and funnier as i surf through some "singapore groups". Somethings that only singaporean can laugh about!


Doby Lin
I remember when i was backpacking in Cambodia, we got to know some really nice people from Canada.. So we decided to travel together... And one day , this conversation popped up...

Them: Hey... Like you guys (3 singaporean kids) do you feel like uneasy that you have to speak english all the time when you are with us?

me: Erm... Uneasy? Why is that so?

Them: What language do you speak in Singapore?

Me: English?

Them: You mean that Singapore teaches English? So its not like Cantonese or Mandarin or something like that?

Me: Thats my mother tongue...

Them: So what was that weird mix of english and stuff u were talking about...

Me: (ponders) OH... you mean when we were bitching about those stuck up F****H tourist? Haha... we were bitching in SINGLISH!

Them: Wow cool... So thats your language? We have something like Frenglish in Canada!

Me: Wah lao... That roxx la....

Them: What you just said?


Cheryl Lam (France) wrote
Haahahahaha. I was reading our fellow Singaporeans' hilarious stories below on how 'misunderstood' we Singaporeans are and this is damn funny.

Me: "Bonjour, I'm your new classmate, Cheryl. I'm Chinese and I am from Singapore."
Classmate: *disbelief* "You mean you're a chinois chinese?"
Me: "Yess"
Classmate: "Oh. Aren't you supposed to be from China?"
Me: "Nope, why do you say that?"
Classmate: "Oh! I thought all Chinese come from China!"
Me: "I'm a Singaporean Chinese"
Classmate: "You mean Singapore's not in China?"
Me: ..................



For those of ya'll who've lived/are living on the sunny island of Singapore!

You know you are from Singapore when....

1) You speak or randomly break out in Singlish
2) You crave chicken rice or the various uberlicious hawker foods
3) Tying a soccer game with Malaysia actually means something significant
4) You say rubbish bin and not trash can
5) You end every sentence with a 'lah'/'lor'/'hor' and everything looks much better with 'x's and 'z's (right horxxzzz?)
6) You understand all the references in (and find the site funny)
7) You're intimidated by the thought of a 45 minutes to drive to the nearest mall.
8) You are able to communicate in plethora of languages & dialects
8) Swearing in numerous languages & dialects is natural
9) You know that Newton Circus serves up shit food, but still go there anyway
10) You “chope” seats at food courts/hawker centers with little tissue packets
11) You've sung the national anthem since you were in primary 1 and still have no idea what it really means
12) There's always a traffic jam near a vehicle accident 'cause everyone slows down to copy numbers for 4D
13) You start using acronyms for everything, such as ERP, PIE, MRT, SBS, SMS, CTE, IPPT, NCC, SOC(army word)...... and many more.

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