Friday, July 27, 2007

Yoshii Restaurant and so undeserving...

It is friday nite out again and once again, I opted to go Japanese. This time round, I wanted to try Yoshii Restaurant on the Rocks.
Yoshii, based on google and food guide is supposedly one of Sydney's most inventive chefs, is renowned for his creativity and adventurous cuisine which is a truly sensational and satisfying experience. In fact, he is a constant winner of 2 chef head under the gourmet rating. I say "supposedly" because if i were to rate it, its performance today from what they dish out tonight was a blah 2/10.

There isnt ala carte, so you basically have to choose from "Yoshii" or "Saqura" Course (sort of like degustation menu where you get in order bits of everything decided by the chef). Opted for Yoshii because Saqura was too fish oriented.

In a quick summary, the 2.5hr of dinner experience was an extremely disappointing one that leaves me wondering aloud if :
  • Is this the best Japanese food australian food critics have ever tasted and thus awarding him the 2 chef hat, or
  • Is this the best that sydney itself can offer to win the 2 chef hats
To describe my meal briefly:
  1. I had "Sea urchin egg cup" as starter. It wasnt too bad but half boiled egg and urchin are not my favourite, not to mention combination.
  2. Followed next was a combination of pieces that include funny tasting tomato mousse, lukewarm noodle in bonita flake sauce, averahe duck slices and weird tasting biscuits
  3. The 3 combination dish was weirder and horrible. The main attraction was the black cod cooked with blue cheese that totally obscure the cod's sweetness. The lotus slice was mashed with some indescribable cheese thing that made it very heavy. What was worse was that there were 3 fish bone in the fillet and got stuck in my throat. In which, the apologetic staff (who tries to convince me it has NEVER happened before) offered me free drinks and tea for the night.
  4. The veal or was it Wagyu beef with mushroom was the only decent thing but really, it isnt merit of the chef. It will take a really bad chef to spoil a slice beef dish. Again, lotus root was used and it was battered fried but when it reach my table, it was soggy and I didnt even want to touch it despite being an ardent fan of lotus root.
  5. The worst of the night was the scallop mash up with lotus root (again), served with a big slice of tri colour fishcake, in gluey sauce served in a bowl. Now, why the chef wants to mess up perfectly good scallop befuddles me. I felt like i was tasting something in mash potato texture but a bland taste and i hated it. Plus, why on earth do you serve fish cake as a main? It has always be ornament piece to me.
  6. Lemongrass sorbet sucks
  7. Dessert was moderately ok when i choose the mascaponi cheese covered with soy flour. I opted wthout the black sesame.

So there. If you are in town and looking for good Japanese food, save your penny and avoid Yoshii for dinner. Stick to Azuma which by comparison has shown more authenticity in retaining its Japanese flavours and not to mention, cheaper price tag.

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