Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Simpson and Harry Pie!!

I bet in no time, the world will be hmming "Spider Pig Spider Pig..." Its hilarious.

As you would have guessed by time, watched "The Simpons Movie " last time. Ok I used to be a big fan of Bart, then I outgrew them. Just wanting some light entertainment over serious magic, I opted to be unexpectedly entertained by Holmer once again and the 87 mins past by in a breeze even though as we all know, its a no brainer plot. If you are watching it in the name of good fun, you will be grinning from cheek to cheek.

I simply love the spider pig scene. It totally crack me up, and the "dare you" scene between holmer and bart was another typical laugh. Farneeeee!!!!!

After the movie, was feeling peckish and so decided to head out to Harry Pie (Harry's Cafe de Wheels) ! Come to think of it, it was EXACTLY 10 years THIS TIME that I last ate Harris Pie!!!!!! I remember Gwen took me and Alvin here in her car ride excursion showing me sydney when i was there after my graduation trip. How times flies... feeling nostalgic... Yup, it was sooo good that after a decade, I am still craving for it. That's HOW GOOD it is for midnite snack.

When I got there, the stall was crowded as usual but the smell of the pies hit me and I was growling for foood!!! The smell was heavenly!!!!! Almost everything is the same. The same spot, the same smell, the same "birds hanging around for scrap" scenery. Oh my god. Its amazing going to another country and have almost everything the same.

When i got my chicken pie, I was actually fearful, worrying "what if the pie no longer taste as good?" My worries were unfounded. The pie taste just as superb though somehow it seem smaller in portion now. I vaguely rem it was so pretty huge bite in the past. Oh well. Who cares, the inflation does that to any food chain.

So if you havent tried Harry Pie and you are in town, I absolutely urge you to come have a bite!!!! You just wont forget it ( not to mention the experience of steam hot pie in your hand while you are roughing it out in the cold overlooking the peaceful wharf before you)

Location in sydney near King's cross
Harry's Cafe de Wheels is a pie cart located in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on Cowper Wharf Road, near the Finger Wharf and Fleet Base East of Garden Island Navy Base, opposite the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel.


LPPL said...

Harry Pie? Is is Australian or Bart invention? hehe.. I love pies. All sort of pies and yes I will jot that down if i happen to go visit Sydney.

"Know Thyself" said...

of course its australian concoction!! U MUST try! Its fabulous pie!