Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dinner @ Fish Face (Sydney)

Had dinner at Fish Face (132 darlinghurst) last nite since I was having a fish craving.

The outlet is kinda like cafe bistrol style but its really small seating area and tall bar tables are really close to each other.

We had the special of the day which was pan grilled grouper fish with swiss mushrooms, steamed prawns starters and 2 steamed scallops with tomatoes. For dessert, we shared this buttermilk pudding with mango sorbet.

While the dessert was really excellent, the meal was relatively expensive at about $75 per head just for the above without wine. I personally didnt think it was worth it even though i have to admit the fish was really fresh and cooked to perfection. I read a review somewhere that the chef sources fresh fish from top places in sydney and NZ and that is part of the high pricing, but hey, I still dun think it warrants that price for the rest of the entrees.
Service was also mediocre and the male waiter had a deadpan face which isnt gushing with friendliness or a warmth that indicates much willingness to serve. He wasnt rude, but just didnt exactly puts me at ease.

So unless I am having another bout of fish craving, I dun think I will be in a hurry to be back.

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