Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gathering of the old HK gang

I was too tired to go shopping, so instead, I booked myself a massage session with the hotel spa and I wasnt disappointed!

The Deep Tissue massage was especially good and it comes with hot stone therapy that eases the tension in the msucles. Heavenly! I havent had such a good massage for such a long while!!!

After that by 6pm, i rushed down to Causeway bay to my old office and it was nice to be greeted so warmly by my old colleagues. My Belgium boss was especially surprised to see me and he was glad that I looked so well rested and good. Haa haaa, the compliments flowed in and I was getting alittle shy from it.

Dinner with th gang was just as amazing as before I had left. Jo's husband and Emily's bf joined us as well and Ivan managed to rush thru his forecast to join us just as our appetitsers were starting. Jokes and stories flowed in strong and fast and we laughed so much that once again, we triumphed in being the noisiest group in the restaurant (as usual).

I missed my frens and catching up again certainly brought back old times. They decided to treat me despite my refusal and it was a really warm gestures. Luckily I had brought gifts for them or I would have felt really bad...

Jo's tummy is huge now and she is about half month away from delivery! I was wondering if I should give her the ang pao money for the baby first or after the baby is born, then i decided that i shall wait till the baby is born...

After dinner, some of the girls have to leave first, leaving behind the few of us to take more pictures. By 11.30pm, we called it a nite and knowing that it will be some time before I see them again, I had started to miss their company already...

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