Monday, January 7, 2008

Shopping and more shopping...

Busy day today.. did banking and so much shopping... contributing to all the singapore economy to the country.

Last stop was at Tiffany coz i wanted to fix up my earstud. The backing dropped off. 

The service staff are sooo discriminating. Initially they presume I was a local and they literally SNUB me. When i finally got someone's attention after 10mins wait, the guy initially gave me a haughty assholic look and attitude. Before I could say anything about my request, he saw 2 caucasian men walked in and he fucking gave thema 100watts smile and hello. I was royally PISSED at the discrimination. So Chinese cannot spend as much as westerners?

Luckily for him, I was pretty "zen" today and i just looked past his pathetic-ness. I didnt know what he has to be snotty about when he is JUST a SALESMEN, its NOT like he owned Tiffany...Another urban idiot.

During the course of "conversation", when he realise I was going back to overseas and , his whole persona CHANGED for the better. He actually bothered to smile now, which i had thought he was incapable of when he first greeted me.

Finally, I had to go back to hotel in the bloody crowded train. I dun understand, why SMRT cannot lessen the train interval to 2mins, instead of 5mins. At 5pm which the train was PACKED to the brim and i was SHOVED into the cabin from the people CRUSHING into the cabin. I was horrified! If the wait was lesser, the passenger crowd situation would improve significantly as more people are being cart off by 2 trains within 5 mins, instead of loading everyone in 1 train every 5 mins. Here is another classifical exmaple of "FUCK THE HERD OF MRT CUSTOMERS, MAXIMUM PROFIT for the SMRT SHARE HOLDERS by having less train operating and in turn less expenses..."

Thanks Singapore, your 21st century PUBLIC TRANSPORT is a bloody SHAME for a developed city.

And apparently no one in the SMRT backoffice have any brains either to be more customer minded....because the ticket dispenser doesnt even have the option to select a 2way return ticket! So instead of having to Q one time and pay for a return ticket, the customer have to Q TWICE and return the deposit TWICE being the originating and destination leg. ISNT our TRAIn station crowded and the lines long enough?? Why add on to more human congestion and not ways to shorten the Q?? This is where Australia ticket dispenser makes more sense. It allows us to buy either a one way or a return ticket so long it is travelled before 4am, and a return ticket would also be cheaper by a few cents compared to 2 single tickets.

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