Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Arrests of foreign prostitutes increase by 25% in 2007

"Arrests of foreign prostitutes increase by 25% in 2007
(By Lynda Hong, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 22 January 2008 2203 hrs )

SINGAPORE: The number of foreign prostitutes arrested in 2007 increased by 25 per cent to 5,400 from 2006. Police have stepped up their vice-related operations island-wide, from 950 in 2007, up from 890 operations in 2006. Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Wong Kang Seng, revealed this in a written reply to Nominated Member of Parliament Associate Professor Kalyani K. Mehta about the Home Affairs Ministry's plans for curbing prostitution in the Geylang area.

Associate Professor Kalyani had earlier said that efforts so far do not seem effective. Mr Wong added that Police have regularly mounted enforcement operations against vice in Geylang, where many foreign sex workers congregate"

Like it takes a brillant citizen to notice that the foreign prositutes in Singapore has gone up in recent years. It's so easy to spot them and see them brazenly shopping in orchard towers, malls, spilling cash like there's no tomorrow.

I was in Tiffany one day to fix my ear stud, and the whole place was crawling with Chinese nationals. I overheard these 3 girls snapping up all the expensive accessories and proudly declaring how they are contributing to our country's GDP and economy... They were supposedly to be on student visa, but nothing in their dressing, mannerisms nor conversations indicate that they are some innocent students. They dun even look that young...I am not implying I know what other "professions" they might be in, but one wonders....

Like what AP Kalyani had said, current operations doesnt seem to stem out the surge in vice activities... perhaps the relevant department who issue visas such as "student" or "social" visa applicants, should be more stringent and cautious about who comes into Singapore...


littlecartnoodles said...

Yeah I hate that "automated" passport clearance gate for Singaporeans too. It's so much slower than the ID card clearance at HKIA.

The irony is that the vendor that wrote the software for HK Immigration is a Singapore company !

You should know by now how HKers are wired to always think of better/faster ways to get things done. But our countrymen tend to duck behind their standard procedures and protocols.

littlecartnoodles said...

The need for the $1 deposit for single-trip tickets on SMRT is the epitome of this "Let's Just Stay Inside The Box" mindset.

"me-no-mad" said...

yeah, I know the vendor for the system is writen by the same company. The unverified theory on the "difference" in automated clearance is due to $$$$$$$$$. U get what u pay for. The idea of refitting all NRIC card for nationals and PR with a chip is prob too overwhelming for someone to agree, so they figure "Oh hey let's use the passport" its CHEAPER since we need to use the MONEY saved and PAY it to TOP TALENT in our country.

"me-no-mad" said...

Oh yes, the $1 deposit is ABSOLUTELY the BEST representation of our MONEY GRABBING "agents" objectives in making it such a hassle for people to get their money back that they have a higher chance of retaining the deposit as profits.