Thursday, January 10, 2008

Elements, the new mall @ Kowloon

Once again, HK has unveiled another a new mall few months earlier at Kowloon station, named "Elements" (, over one million sqaure foot, with different shopping arena named after the 5 chinese elements "Fire, water, Air, Wood, Metal"

After dinner, having some time to spare, we headed off to the new mall to check it out. The space is amazing! Its huge!!!!!!. I love the space even though i didnt have time to check out the stores at 8.45pm.

However, alot of the retail stores looked really cool not to mention the store directory is mind boggling... (

I stumbled upon "BALS TOKYO" a homeware store. I truly liked what i saw, its pricey but honestly stylish. Its a designer home's heaven and haven. Even the brochere looked so cool...

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Ah Dom said...

Great... Seems like a good mixture of brands. Will keep that in mind.