Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another wonderful XMas present!

Met Stan for yum cha today at Bondi and we did abit of shopping for him to bring home for CNY.

We didnt get to meet each other for Xmas being busy wth out own things and so we finally get to pass each other our Xmas presents.

It came as a complete surprise when I opened my present. Stan had gotten me this really lovely Georg Jenson Home Living Limited collection "Spin Box" (which has a pink velvet lining inside).
It was an utterly wonderful present, especially when unknown to him, I was just drooling over the G.J home collections during Xmas and apart from the water container, that was one of the items i was looking at! Of coz I felt abit bad too for the expensive present, but that's not stopping me from loving it :P
hee hee...
I think this year is honestly one of those rare years that I get really really great presents from my friends (esp when they didnt even know I was looking at)! I must have been a really good girl this year! :P
And Thanks again stan!

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