Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tabloid news...

Was just reading one of those free Sydney Papers (MX) and under section on the death of actor H.L, there was a small column indicated "Gay-Hate activists aims to picket the funeral of the actor. It was said that the actor is paying for his "sin" in his role in the gay movie Brokeback mountain".

To quote from the paper:
"Ledger thought it was great fun defying God Almighty. Ledger is now in Hell. and has begun serving his eternal sentence there."

What an utter bigot!!! I read in horror at the harsh words from these religious fanatics, and at the idiotic remarks for an actor for his movie role! There was a time when i thought harsh words as above are reserved strictly for "Rapists, Child abusers, Cold blood Murderers..." How has the world descended to a stage where a dead man received abused for exceling in his profession as an artist.

How many stupid people are there out there?!!! Couldnt they distinguish between reality and imaginery world? What has our intolerant world become? I assume the scriptwriters, the directors, the support cast, the paying audience are being deem to hell from these activists as well.
It is not only an insensitive, inaccurate and inapproperiate statement if H.L had been gay, but to be blamed for his work as an actor is beyond comprehension!! I personally find these people callous, disrespectful and "socially and uneducated" in every possible ways.

This is one of few reasons why I never subscribed to any religions. Religion has not better our lives, it has neither educated us nor enlighten us to a better world. Look at the role of religions who had interwinned itself with politics since the early days of Kings and queens. Look further into history at the persecution of many in the quest to spread one religion over another, how one reign overthrows another in support of different fractions/ denominations of one religion... (Eg: Note 1, Note 2)

In current times, religion has as far only served to band people of all walks together to find solace and comfort in each other in the same belief that there is a salvation in afterlife, yet religions with its many forms, too have brought endless conflicts, destructions, bloodshed and countless wars through its subscribers.

Reiligous books are written by mankind, censored by mankind, translated by mankind, accounts and stories told by mankind, and interpreted by mankind. The messengers are mankind, the preachers are mankind, the instituitions are run by mankind.
What good is salvation in an afterlife if you fail to do any good in this living life? People who doesnt want to be saved cannot be saved. People who has done no wrong to others in this lifetime, will not have his goodness taken away from his life after death. It doesnt matter what and who you believe in. Well, that's, is at least what I believe in.


littlecartnoodles said...

Reminds me of the Westboro Baptist Church in the US whose members protest at the funerals of US soldiers killed in Iraq, claiming that it's God's punishment of a nation that condones homosexuality.

ethan said...

Everything happens for a reason, it is how long before we understand and realized about the reason.
If the above statement is accepted as an assertion then how does things happens for a reason? :)

It is unfortunate that there alway bad sheeps among any community of humans.

Ah Dom said...

I believe in God but I do not respect or accept rather this kind of comments from public. I think it is very insulting in a way especially to a person that is already dead at 28 (if i am not wrong). That's just his career and eventhough he is gay, i think he deserves to be treated equally.