Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My proud latest cd purchases

Didnt get to do any shopping apart from major cds and books purchases (again)
CDS are really cheap in Singapore. Alot of the titles were going for "3 for $50" promotion in "That CD shop", thus it would be stupid to pass up such offer esp when it costs double the price in sydney for alot of new album releases.

Acquired 2 favorite cd albums which is "Hotel Costes X-2008 collection" and "Private Beach Club".

They are really good esp the former album. The first 3 tracks ( "Paper Aeroplane", "Psycho Girls and Psycow Boys", "My society") and track 13 ("Orsten Fleur Blanche") are absolutely divine!! Track 13 is especially haunting esp when its late at night, it has the right soothing beats and doesnt clutter your head trying to clamour for attention, esp it quietly seeps into you relaxing your mind and soul.

Has been a long while since I found a really good chilling out music album without having to select only a few songs. Highly recommended!!

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