Saturday, January 12, 2008

An under appreciated Botonical Gardens

There wasnt much to do on early sat noon. So I choose to head to Singapore Botantical Garden, only because I missed the Les Amis Cafe there.

We took a (green) cab there and the driver told us he was a new driver and he wasnt too sure the route. We took him its ok and we will guide him as we knew where we were going. I like his honesty, and i took him we will be ok.

As we turn into the small lane, we noticed the new drop off on the left with a new building structure. We told him that wasnt it and we needed to head to the OLD entrance where the cafe was suituated. The lane seemed so long when you aint exactly sure if the OLD entrance was still there or replaced by the new entrance we left behind. The driver was quite nervous and we assured its ok as it was our call.

After a few mins, we saw the signage to the old drop off entrance and the taxi driver face lit up. He confessed that "he hasnt been to the park for over 10 years". When we dropped off, my husband told him to turn right instead of left (though i suspected it was wrong i kept quiet), and we ended up slightly further away. The taxi driver wanted to stop the meter and U turn back and we told him its ok we can walk and get off there. What was a nice gesture was that the driver wanted to shave off the 40cents and round down to the nearest dollar. We explained he didnt need to as he did nothing wrong and he only followed our instructions, and so we paid him in full and declined the change he returned. He was a nice driver and i hope he stays that way....

it was nice dining in the midst of greens. So ever comforting and the serenity is ever welcoming. It was a cool noon and i totally polished off my burger. After which, we went for a nice long walk.

The park hasnt change much, except for the new towering structure which I personally find it a bloody EYESORE. I guess its for some carparks, nursery etc but still, the glaringly new beige building was soooooo OUT OF PLACE in the greens and i HATED ITS exterior. Absolutely No thoughts was put into designing the structure to blend with the greenery. Only the interior was, but what was the use? "Nature" has already been besiged with the concrete wall spoiling my horizons and wish of uninterrupted greens.

I spotted more expats than locals. Pity. A waste. I guess locals prefer the airconditioned and comfort of the mall than sweat it out a little in the park. Pity....

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