Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When will singaporeans learn to stand on ONE side of the escalators?

As i walked out of Hyatt heading towards the train station, I really like the public art gallery where scotts shopping centre used to be. I thought it was really nice and it seemed like a pity that not many Singaporeans stopped to look at it.

The mall underpass advertisements are certainly more creative in Singapore than I can say for Sydney.

When I took the train from Orchard to Cityhall, I didnt understand why Singapore remain singularly the only developed country I have travelled to, where commuters does not have the courtesy (brains?) to stand on one side of the escalator, leaving the other side free for people in a hurry choosing to walk up the steps. In many occasions, I had to voice "Excuse me" repeatedly as i walked up. Sometimes I received dagger looks as if i wasnt suppose to inconvenience them to move to one side, sometimes I get politeness from them in stepping to one side.

So today at 3.30pm at cityhall, a HUGE crowd of passengers got off the train and dashed towards the escalators, ONLY to STAND stationary on both left and right sides without any room for anyone to pass thru. I wondered to myself, WHEN WILL SINGAPOREANS LEARN TO STAND ON ONE SIDE OF THE ESCALATORS? I am sure many of our people are well travelled to have gone to HK or UK or Sydney where it is almost like 2nd nature for commuters or malls shoppers to stand on side of the escalators.

No wonder MM LEE says it will takes another 10-15 years before we will learn to be a gracious society. It only takes so little effort and yet not many are willing to take that step.

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