Friday, January 11, 2008

A horrible RUDE ARROGANT Singapore Taxi driver

Reached Changi airport without a hitch in the afternoon but had the most infrutriating taxi ride ever from changi airport.

Boarded a comfort cab (SHC2311D - Trip No: 011113033) and told him to get us to city Hyatt hotel before heading to another location.

After some distance, I noticed the taxi driver was going via the old route to city and so i asked the driver politely why didnt he take the new route via the new tunnel (supposedly connecting to new KPE) that will join up quickly to CTE as it is much shorter route.

Sidetrack: I had knew that new route thanks to the first (trans' red cab) taxi driver who had picked us up on our first arrival from sydney few days earlier. The new route had significantly cut the travel time from airport to city. Perhaps to many locals, what is a few 10mins time save, but for someone with tight schedule, every minute counts. However the 70km speed limit in that tunnel was to chargrin of many drivers there. I rem that new route very clearly because I had asked the taxi driver then what is this new way and he had so excitedly telling me all about it, and all the new connections to paya lebar and all the different split off.

Back to the Comfort taxi driver, what appalls and sickens me the most was his arrogant attitude, his fking stuck up "I know it all do not question me" response.

He challenged me and said "There is NO SUCH ROUTE." I didnt like his attitude and so i challenged him back. I told him that I knew the route because i had just taken it a few days back as a taxi driver used that route. So DONT TELL ME THERE IS NO SUCH ROUTE.

Instead of apologising, he insisted i was wrong again (many times in the conversation) in his callous challenging attitude. I told him not to tell me I am wrong because i had taken that route just few days back, and do not treat me as an unknowing tourists. He then said "he didnt know such a route i was talking about" without any apology and in a "fk you attitude. My partner all this while silent and listening told him politely, "As a professional taxi driver, how can YOU NOT KNOW esp if you ply the airport route? And even if you do not know, just admit it and you should not argue with us."

The taxi driver rised his voice significantly and argued back and telling us that he knows KPE that goes to fort canning but doesnt go to city, stopping short at his tongue of calling me an idiot judging from his tone. I told him i KNOW it doesnt go directly to city but the tunnel connects to the CTE quickly and if he doesnt know it is fine, but I told him he has no right to raise his voice nor give me the attitude as a driver. I repeated 3 times in the car "DONT YOU DARE RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME." But he did anyway.

He retorted "Go COMPLAIN LAH! Think i scare of you?! GO COMPLAIN!!!"

I replied clamly: "Do not worry, i WILL COMPLAIN about you." Stopping short that I will expect an apology from him and his company for his unforgivable attitude, giving all taxi drivers a bad name. I have every right as a passenger to question his route and in politeness, i expected a polite reply.

In the car, i called the booking line and asked for the number of the feedback number because i have a complaint. What PISSES ME OFF even more was that there was NO ONE manning the feedback line because after good 7mins, no one pick up my call and i was subjected to listening to adverts and music that grates my nerves EVEN MORE. So either we have SO MUCH COMPLAINTS about taxi that no one could come to the line, or simply COMFORT company simply doesnt GIVE SHIT about who calls in to complain. To them, we are just suckers.

I hung up after a while of waiting as i could feel my blood vessels near bursting. This is ridiculous.

After checking from his rear mirror that I was on the line, the driver kept his mouth shut and the rest of journey was in silence. We got off the cab instead of getting us to ferry to next desitination.

My motto is, "Why suffer for the sake of saving a few dollars when i rather give the money to another honest driver without the attitude"

The cab driver has the CHEEK to ask my husband mildly when he requested a receipt (for my subsequent complaint) "Oh you stopping here and not going to the other place?" My partner replied "No." I was thinking in my head "You shameless driver, u expect to earn more money from me???" I slammed the door shut and for once in my life, I did not say "Thank you and have a good day" to a taxi driver and I honestly did not regret it because he doesnt deserve it. I boarded another green cab and gave the polite cab driver a fat tip for helping me with my luggage.

The issue at hand is not why the Comfort taxi driver has not taken the new route.Honestly, the route isnt any cheaper and it didnt matter, but i couldnt let his insulting attitude slide me pass. I would have been perfectly ok if he apologised for not knowing the new route, or even explained that I may have been confused which I would be happy to concede even though I had believe otherwise.

However, instead, he raised his voice, challenged me, telling me there is no such route when i had explained i HAD tried the new route, and he tried to make me feel small and stupid which i will not take laying down. WRONG PERSON TO MESS WITH BUDDY.

The incident has passed a week, and now that I have my spare time again, I am now composing a nice long detailed letter to Comfort seeking an explanation for

well to those who are still boycotting the taxis, I hope it lasts and teaches comfort a lesson because the service level is not equatable to the price hike we are paying. Unless our taxi drivers know every road at the back of their hand like London cab drivers who undergoes strenuous training, we should not pay for "overpriced premium price" for a "less than satisfactory nor desired service".

If we are to count on drivers like him as Singapore unofficial ambassadors, well our country Brand image might as well go to hell.

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