Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Funny moments taking shots....

Taking photos after the dinner had its funny moments...

While taking a shot with Jo and her hubby, they decided that i should sit in the middle. However, Kev was so "stiff" that we laughed at him so hard! In the first shot, we joked that he looked like some "Ah Ye" (cantonese for grandfather) with his stiff hands on the thighs, then the second one made him looks like he was "extra character" in the shot liken to HK culture of strangers sharing same dining tables. Kev couldnt bear us laughing (even though he was also quite bemused" and so he insisted on a new pose in a new corner and finally he perfected in making the shot looking "natural".. It was so funny!

Shot 1: Kev looking like "Ah Ye"

Shot 2: Kev looked like "Extra character"

Shot 3: Kev finally perfecting the "natural" look :P

With Ivan

With Emily and her bf

Side view of Jo and her baby girl:P

While walking back to Time Squares to grab a cab, I saw they had put up the BJ Olympics mascots near the train escalators. So cute!

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