Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weird weather...

I wonder how long before the whole world will agree, concede that our world's weather is going to pieces because of a whole lot of damages we are doing to it.

This whole summer in Sydney has been bizzare. It simply doesnt feel like summer. In fact, the weather was so cool last night, and today, that I felt like I was still in late Autumn or early spring. Otherwise, it has been raining, ALOT every day.

It has often been a joke at home that in the last few years, I have been bestowed a new title known as "Ice Queen" and my room is infamously known as the "Winter Palace". Being that I loved to have my room down really cold at night so that I can snuggle under my warm covers before sleeping. I think many Singaporeans (girls esp) can identify with this "nice but really warm in bed" sydnrome, which unfortunately for me, my husband could never understand nor be "accepting" of this "weird" habit of mine and of coz never failed to taunt me about it with my snowy title....

Until recently, he started to realised that no matter where we lived or travel to, the summer weather too has never been hot whereever I was. The last summer we had in HK was so mild, it didnt feel likea typical summer and I could walk around all day in cardigan and layers and I wont break into sweat. While we live away from sydney, Summer has always been scorching hot. This year when we return to live in Sydney, the summer has been so mild, that it felt like endless spring... well rainy cool spring. While we took a week off to singapore and HK, the weather in singapore was also nice and cool. HK was supposed to be in midst of winter, but it felt so mild that I only needed T-shirts and jeans. Yet while we were away, sydney suddenly experienced a week of surging HOT HEAT wave soaring as high as 38 degrees at some places.

Just when i dreaded the heat on my return to Sydney, the weather amazingly cooled down again with showers and mild 20-22 degrees. It has only gone cooler since...

I hope this blog doesnt "jinx" my steadystead of good fortune of mild weather for I have a few weeks more to go before I take leave back home to Singapore. If I am lucky, by the time I am back from my hols, summer will be over and I will be welcoming autumn soon.

Last nite, my husband eyed at me" suspiciously" and jokingly "pondered aloud" if my "winter prowess" has been that great that I bring rain and cool weather to everywhere I lived in. I rolled my eyes and told him to "Shut up and enjoy his summer palace" before it transforms into winter palace in another hour... :P

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