Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Food talk....

It is when I read articles like this that makes me drool for my hometown food (even though I have never tried the store described)... damn...
Article Extract: (Source: Newpaper online)
" Her food has evolved over time.
The items she offers today are the ones many regulars can never have enough of.

They tell her just how salty, sweet or spicy it should be as she 'does not think about how I want it as it is they who will eat it'.

One quick scan around and it is still the sambal fish that constantly flies out of her kitchen onto many tables around.

It goes very well with a bowl of rice as the fish is crispy, fresh yet nicely dry.
It is buried under a layer of rich sambal done the way 'my customers tell me they like it to be'.

A humble plate of tofu prawns with seafood usually sits beside the fish.
It looks bland but as I wolfed it down, it has just one sensation - comfort.

The soft silky Japanese tofu, sitting in a pool of thick and savoury egg sauce, topped with fresh crunchy prawns with sotong rings, is a no-brainer choice.

The smell, the sight and the memory of it alone, is enough to prep the body for the entire sensation.

I downed a spoonful of it with rice and my makan system said 'this is what the feeling of home tastes like, relax'.

Her sambal sotong rings are unusually thick and very soft, spiced with just enough of that same sambal she uses for the fish.

The Hokkien mee, although fried and sauced well with seafood and pork toppings, lacks just a few ingredients like mussels and gizzards, to complete the score. Ironically, these are the same few ingredients that her regulars shun and she happily accommodates.

The other favourites here are the pai kuat wong (fried sweet and sour pork ribs), the prawn paste chicken and the sambal kangkong.

But definitely, a feast here, at prices not many will fear. Food I'll drop by for before heading home. "

Blk 22A, Havelock Rd,#01-07, Havelock Road Food Centre,10.30am to 5pm,Monday to Friday,Closed on weekends and public holidays

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