Sunday, January 27, 2008

Talk about SNAIL MAIL!

I am pretty shocked.

I had sent my Taiwan friend something in mid August. And last friday, I received the returned package because the printed address sticker got smudged and so it became unreadable.

What had been shocking was that between mid August 2007 till mid Jan 2008, where the hell has my package been sitting in? Taiwan? Australia? Round the whole in a plane to Timbatu? It has gone away for 5 months totally unknown to me! My goodness!

If it had been a matter of life and death, I think the recipient might as well have been dead and decomposed to dust by now.... Why on earth it takes so long is something I cannot fathom.

Normal mail alone between Singapore and Sydney takes average 9 days... You wonder why.. I know it definitely isnt Singapore postal delay....

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