Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yeah looking forward to my short trip!!!

Holidays Holidays!
Soo excited.. am making another short trip back to sg and HK for a week!

My gf had called me from HK during Xmas to wish me happy hols, and I had told her about my trip. We were both really excited at the prospects of catching up again!!! It was so nice to chat with her again and also at the same time, I realise with dismay my cantonese had hit rocked bottom again after months of "neglect" and lack of use....I was really struggling to find the right words on the phone when it wasnt a problem when i was working there.

I guess it true, when a language is not your main tongue, you will lose its usage once you stop practicing with it...

No matter, I am so looking forward to this trip! The only pain is having to pack summer clothes for Hot Singapore weather, and Cool gear for HK tailing off winter. So much to bring!!! Arrrgghhh...

Despite all the grumbling..I am so looking forward to heading back to my fav Jap sushi place in causeway bay though! Also, desperate need to cut my hair in sg...i didnt realise its so long now that its reaching my waist where my elbow is now!! No wonder I am using up so much shampoo!!!

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