Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolutions..and Thanks

Finished a whole lot of books this month. I guess this is one of the major plus point of not having to work.

Yeah, sounds like rubbing it in for anyone (which i aint!!) who are slogging away in the brand new year, whom I definitely do not envy. Those long-gone long working hours, rush datelines, silly questions, "smiling" at all those arrogant all-knowing people, trying to be patient with incompetence fools.... yeap, I missed neither of the above.

When u step away from it all, you realise how fleeting all those achievements and accomplisments are. Life is certainly more than that, and bigger than that...so I am certainly cherishing every moment I have now. I was just telling my HB the other nite, I suddenly didnt have the urge to check my emails nor HP now. I used to be glued to all my gadgets, but now, apart from my ipod and internet for surfing, I am off everything. To a point that I didnt even know my phone was out of value for 3 days..and laid abandonded in the car, beeping away from all the belated xmas and NY smses. Tearing me away from my phone had been virtually impossible in the past, and yet now, its one of the most dispensable item in my life.

Being away from work also meant away from the need to dress up. Beach wear rules the day!

I didnt know what new year resolution to make, I didnt have any in particular I needed to achieve. Carefree as life can be. I have achieved all my previous goals I had set for myself. I never thought I would say this, but I am happy. Happy as in all rounded happy.

So instead, I give thanks.
*Thanks to life for health and comfort, thanks to friends for support, patience, joys & laughters.
*Thanks to love for life is nothing without the purity of love.
*Thanks to family for unwavering care and support.
*Thanks to strangers who made my days gay & bright
*Thanks to people who were once part of my life,without whom lessons would not be learned
*Thanks to myself for loving myself and others.
*Thanks to my angels for watching over me..

I give thanks to all for making this happiness blissful and possible.

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