Monday, March 24, 2008

About this girl on the trip...

On my first afternoon on the island, I jumped into my gear and headed straight for the beach to snorkel after lunch. It was a perfect sunny day with 33 degrees and nice breeze! The waters was suppose to be about 26-27 degrees, pretty warm out in the sea!

My husband went off seperately for his diving refresher, while I went to look for a guide to show me the snorkelling sites near the resort.

While waiting, a Malaysian girl with her Caucasian boyfriend was also there signing up for some other activities and rental of gear. The reason I mentioned this couple was the fact that we found her really truly one of those superficial people, which is strange because typical Malaysian girls are so unlike her. I think I can say that especially when I have Malaysian cousins and friends. I can only attribute to the fact that she was working in London with a good investment bank and so she had it in her head that she is better than everyone else there, plus she is with a white boy.

It didnt occur to me at first the sort of person that she was, until we were in the waters. On the land, she was constantly flirting with the male staff, braying her laughters and exclaiming with pride about her "lzay" eyes when renting her mask. I had lazy eye too, and i honestly didnt see what the fuss and highlights were about.

Then I quickly realised her lack of sense while the staff and I had to wait 30mins for her to remove her contact lens and change into her swim wear. HALF an hour for her to unbeautify herself for nature activities. Now why would she bother to come to the sports center to do activities all deck out in makeup and beauty fashion gear is already unthinkable. To top it with contact lens was the cream. Whoever had heard of divers and snorkellings attempting sea activities with contact lens?

I noticed her freezing friendliness upon introduction. Her Brit boyfriend was much nicer and warmer, normal I should say. Perhaps she didnt like possibility of Asian competition to show her up.

When we hit the waters after her long drags, she claimed she had done snorkelling and was able to swim. Yet, she whine and complain about the mask, without being able to accurately pinpoint what was wrong. She wasnt even able to breathe through the tube.

She said she felt the water was getting into the mask, which both myself and the staff couldnt see a droplet inside. So the staff had to get out of water 3 times, to the beach house and get her either a new snorkel tube and 2 masks. There, she wasted another 20mins of my time. I gave up and started snorkelling nearby on my own. She wasnt too pleased when she obviously saw that I had more fun than her, seeing all the fishes and spotted rays before her.

She requested and said there should be a " snorkelling vest" to keep her afloat which the resort didnt have and quite frankly, unecessary in my opinion because your body naturally floats in sea with flippers. There, I made up my mind that she is a complete fraud and B.S. Why did she even want to pretend she could snorkel was beyond my sane comprehension.

Finally, Dylan the staff had to make a final 4th trip to carry a safety buoy out with us because the malaysian gal simply wasnt comfortable in water. She Clinged on to the buoy for her dear life, even on waters where we could stand up straight in shallow waters. I think Dylan realised finally he had held me up and we made a quick swim out to open waters. I was marveled by the colours beneath me! I could hear the parrot fish munching on the corals and there were 1m to 2m in width CLAM all over!! They had velety protuding parts in beautiful greens, blues and browns!

Finally it was 5pm and we had to head back after an hour. I could see the relief in the girl's eyes. While I had been happy to swim off myself and saw many things, she was panicking too much to enjoy her day. When we made it back, Dylan congragulate us and I think in being nice, he said both of us were great out there! He smiled at me and I think we both know the comment wasnt exactly true for the other girl.

No matter, the girl decided that because of her own incompetence and inadequacy, she will ignore me for the rest of the way which I found her strangely amusing. However, she didnt stop to balatantly laughed like a donkey with the rest of the MALE staff.

After I had washed up and toweled dry, I told my husband about the girl and he agreed with me about her being a typical poser, thinking she is better than the rest. The funny thing I realised later was that while she claimed that she has mild lazy eyes and perfect vision on the other, it hit me what a lie that was. Which also explains why she kept quiet and didnt say a word when i was making a conversation saying that I shared the Lazy eye trait too.

For those who isnt aware, someone with lazy eye including myself, didnt need glasses or contacts at all if we have perfect vision in the other. Our perfect eye will auto compensate the flawed one, giving us vision just like someone with perfect vision. While I could say that comfortably for an impair vision up to 400 degrees. Which was why I had never needed glasses except that I prefer to wear it during reading and computer. Yet for the girl, it appears she couldnt see much without her contacts. Why would anyone brag and lie about some minor thing reflects much about her state of mind.

Well, we will see how the next 3 days will be like and hopefully we wont see too much of her then...

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