Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day trip out to Mermaid Cove

Woke up much later today at 8am+ and headed for breakfast before jumping onto our dingy (boat) to head off to nearby islands and beaches for more snorkelling. I honestly cannot get enough of it.

We decided to head off to Palfrey Island coastal first before launching off to Mermaid Cove next. Its about 30mins away even though they seem so near. As you sped off into the sea area, one could see the different dark patches scattered near the shallower waters that indicates a good coral ground.

Each snorkelling takes over an hour. The current near Palfrey island was much much stronger since it wasnt sheltered by any mainland so it takes more effort to swim against the current to the coral spot. The sun was shining high noon sun and it was blistering bright. No matter we had fun. After my jaws started to ache from the mouth tube, we decided to take a break and move on to the next spot.

Steering the dingy is fun except it gives my hand the unwanted vibrations from the motor. It took a little accustoming since we had to be careful to slow down and avoid hitting any corals that may be higher than the rest with the motor engine as we enter and leave any bay.
As we enter the serene bay of mermaid cove, we were treated to another unspoilt and private empty beach to our delight!

As we camp off at Mermaid Cove, we saw our first monitor lizard for the trip. Which is considered amazing since Lizard island as the name itself is self explanatory, we should have seen more which we didnt on the main land. We tried to grab a closer shot but it scurried away and nestled itself into the greens and so we left it as that. Instead, we channelled our renewed energy attacking our packed lunch, wolfing down every bit of it being careful not to leave any bits for the birds.
With our food source energy replenished, we jumped back right into the sea and again the sealife was amazing! It was even better than other spots we have seen! Plus being sheltered, the sea surface was much calmer and condusive for us to snorkel. Its amazing seeing all the colours of the corals, and multi coloured fishes "standing" vertical and having other smaller fishes nibbing at them, cleaning their scales and gills. The fish actually looked damn shiok and satisfied! Somewhat the contented feeling liken to someone cleaning the inside of your ear for you.
While we were out there, the staff made their usual boats rounds of all the beaches to check we are all ok at all the spots we had informed them

By the time we head back the main island by the curfew 4.30pm, we were dead tired. We decided to postpone tennis and fell into deep siesta slumber.... It had been another great day!

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