Saturday, March 1, 2008

A meal to remember in Tetsuya

I had a surprise Bday treat for lunch.. to Tetsuya!

Tetsuya is voted one of the best top (expensive) restaurant in Sydney, arguably one of the world's renowed Japanese chef. To make a booking, you have to reserve a table at least 3-4 months in advance to secure a seat (or unless u are or know some major VIP related to the chef which prob only need a day in advance)

Had always wanted to try it but they were closed on Xmas period and finally, I get my chance to savour the goodness of this famous fine dining. As dinner was full, I was happy to contend with lunch which appears to share the same menu as dinner. It was a 12 course degustation menu. NO JOKE.

From the minute we drove into the secure compound, the guest immediately felt like we are in a serene Japanese estate (home) with the typical manicured greens and grey statues ornament... The staff were impecabbly trained to greet, smile and serve.

Before my meal started, we saw tetsuya himself popping in to check on the dining. He still looked very young to me. Having watched too much Gordon Ramsey TV shows, I cracked a joke that Tetsuya was prob asking his head floor manager "What? Only half full?! Go get cracking and fill this up" The actual fact was, the whole 2 dining area was completely filled by the time by meal started. One does not choose in Tetsuya. The arrangement and type of food is chosen and selected by the chef. There is no menu. We sit, wait, chat and enjoy.

Luckily for me, the theme of today was seafood and fish. Anyone who is allergic to fish prob shouldnt be here as that was like 80% of my course. The experience started with a sweet corn saffron soup and it was delightful. Following which were sashimi tuna, and an assortment of seafood. Everything works except the spanner carb dish in a fish cake texture which wasnt to my liking. By the 6-7 dish, I was already throwing in my terry white cloth in surrender but 2 more main were still on my way finishing off with a seared duck and veal dish.

Just when I thought i couldnt handle it any more, it was dessert time! Now who could say no to sweet dishes? The first was a combination of marinated peach with srobet mixed with volka,
accompanied by Tetsuya's version of a summer pudding of mixed straw and rapsbeery with grapes and fresh mascapone cream. OMG, the dessert was sensational! I polished every drop!

The next one was a choc with cream and sort that I couldnt enjoy as i was too full.
All in all, I totally enjoyed my meal here. I wont say its over-rated because he truly paid attention to the quality of produce and brings/draw out the flavour of each dish and combined it simply yet excellently. The only flaw I would say was that 12 course was too much, and even though i love fish, it was abit too much with 6 out of 9 main with fish as main (from tuna, barramundi to fresh ocean trout). At one point i was almost getting sick and rejoiced when it was my duck. Yet by the meat time, I was truly too full to fully enjoy the last dish. The desserts were amazing esp his pudding. I have never been a raspberry fan for its citris tangy zest but I could detect none of that in this version. Instead, a none too sweet yet full of fruitty envelope within with each spoonful.

Will I come back? Yes, but only for a special occasion considering the value of the meal. Is it worth the visit, I reckon it is this time round.

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