Monday, March 24, 2008

Lizard island

Lizard island itself was fantastically beautiful, tranquil and serene. Indescribable peace, especially MORE so considering they have a no children and babies policy. (Silent yahoo!!!) So if u have young kids in tow, this isnt the place for u unless you can offload your little joey to someone else during your break.

This is one added reason for me, that before you have finished seeing parts of the world that you desire, don't have kids yet. I am sure parenthood has its share of glory and fun or whatsoever people try to convince me, but call me selfish, I like to rough it out first and hold off boring disneyland, universal studio or sedate kids farmland tour for another while longer. I look forward to the awaiting peace in this oasis for now.

Lizard island is surrounded by many small private beaches pockets and smaller islands that we can grab a dingo and set sail to. We are also fortunately circled by many parts of corals and variety of fishes. I didnt know if 4 days here are sufficient but I think it should. Everything on lizard island is already pre-included into the cost of hotel booking (A$1100/pernite), with exception to sea excursions and extremely premium wine,spa and retail apparels. Otherwise, food, cocktails, wines, juice, barfridge, picnic baskets, dingos, tennis courts etc are already expenses included in the package. I dun drink so i guess I lose out pretty much in terms of cost but if I care about such details, I wont be here now I suppose.

The Anchor bayview suite we got was a good size with our own verandah to sip tea while watching the sun glows in the sunset. Being part of conservative land, that means that the place is buzzing with wild life and untouched, unspolit floral and faunas. While I sat on my verandah, little birds settled comfortably next to me and look at me hopefully for scraps of my delicious brownies... which i had to hardheartedly decline the little birdie.

This little bird perched below my verandah is a funny one. It eyed me as i unpacked my gear out in the verandah. When it saw my brownie in a transparent box, i positively imagined its eyes widen in excitement :) When i pop back to the room to grab some tea, I l left the brownie box at the foot of my snoozing husband out there. I returned in a minute and was amused at the little birdie pecking industriously at my box lid trying to eat the brownie, completely ignoring husband presence. It prob recognise that snoring means "no danger". When it saw me, it hesitated and as I stood still closer it, it jumped off the verandah. I guess for once, I looked more "dangerous", compared to my bigger male counterpart with facial stubs:)

The birds watched you as you eat your lunch in the greenery facing the sea. The cheeky ones will try to venture close to peck at food on the table given a chance which of course we shoo them away. I do not find them an irritant, but rather I am sorry to tempt them with our food while they share their space with us. Plus it is OUR duty not to feed wild animals and birds, because we SHOULDNT domesticate them and break their natural feeding habits. Mind you, these birds are persistent. They do swoop in so quickly that before u can turn your head, they would have flown off before you and appear from behind!

The sunset is pinkish violet hue more than the orange I am accustom to. No matter, its pretty. I love the natural quietness. On our first night, there was a blackout during the end of dinner. For that 10minutes, I had the best silence except for the insects cricking away and gentle waves towards the rocks and shores. The sudden change impressed upon me how "noisy" the low humming of electricity and lights were. Being thrust into sudden nature's peace with no man made noise, I felt like it was a paradise beyond words. Everyone took in silence and enjoyed the moment while it lasted. The power trip was a gift to me. It enhanced and imprinted the power and beauty of nature on all of us there.

Only that I didnt see much sunset during my stay because if I wasnt out doing something, I would be dead tired and unwinding in my bed, catching a well deserved snooze.

Sometimes it annoys me a great deal... that People often forget, it is us beings that intrude into their homes on land and in sea. We should co-exist in peace but yet often than not, we often callously shoot and spear animals or sharks to death in the name of serving justice....when in truth, its only because of our own stupidity not to exercise greater caution in the realm/ habitat of wild animals and sea life. If u ask me, I think while not all, many a great number of those injured by sharks, crocs, snakes etc probably rightly deserved it...

Anycase, the island is so goregous and the staff are so friendly and warm. Its nice to have someone rem you by your name and chitchat like a cosy community. There isnt television in the rooms except one to share in the communal guest area near the pool. There is however a radio, cd player, and an ipod connector in each room which suited me just fine. I have never been avid TV addict so my ipod was sufficient to recharge me. In addition, the days are so packed that I hardly had anytime to watch any TV. All the unwinding will be done at the restaurants, or lounge area and of course, spa massages for the fatigue muscles.

In all my excitement, I unpacked all my snorkelling gear for the short snorkelling refresher later after lunch at 3pm. The water was warmer than expected so I didnt needmy wetsuit at all!! Thankfully, I had my O'Neil top with me! I have never been more pleased with myself than this moment in my foresight.

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