Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day out for crocodiles

We had a great Ozzie BBQ for lunch. While waiting for the bus, i saw this lovely month and i couldnt resist the colour on the green. The next item on the agenda was out to spot crocs.

We took a cruise boat and set sail down the river which is known to house a few huge crocs. The wind was strong that day and so many crocs dived into the water to keep warm as there were no sun to bask themselves in. I was a little disappointed but luckily, we spotted two half submerged big crocs for up close view.

As luck would have it, we even spotted one baby croc about 1 year happily swimming before me! Happy!!!! Of course my crappy hand held compact couldnt snap a decent shot. Luckily I insisted my husband to bring his big canon camera and we had such a clear shot! Lucky!

I'm happier in seeing them in the wild than in captivity. I hope people will be less stupid and jumping into the river despite all the warnings against it. Many stories were told about stupid people trying to do stupid things to get a shot. One stupid idiot apparently tied a bloody piece of pork meat to his canoe to lure the crocs so that he can take a good shot up close. What was found was a half wreaked canoe with no body to be found. We were told of countless stories of what people (actually ALL MEN and GUYS) would stupidly do just to get a shot, or go for swim thinking the crocs wont eat them. In my opinion, they were basically blaardy asking for it.

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