Friday, March 28, 2008

Cable Skyrail up to Kuranda Scenic Train

We decided that we had enough of snorkelling and so we opted to do the Daintree Rainforest and Cape tribulation tour instead. Time to do some land activities! Afterall, it will be kind of silly to miss out on Daintree the other world protected heritage when we are already at its doorstep. (

The first excursion was taking the scenic Kuranda Train ride and the cable skyrail. So it was an easy breezy morning for us for a change and we didnt have to depart till 9.30am. As we had prebook the train and cable tickets via the agency, we didnt have to worry much and all we needed to do was to collect the tickets and off we go.

Kuranda railride is for 34 kilometres, where the 100 year old railway climbs more than 300 meters through tropical rainforest, delves through 15 tunnels, bends around 98 curves and tip toes precariously over 40 bridges. It travels up one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Far North Queensland through the Barron Gorge National Park.

We started the excursion with an upward cable to soak in the scenic view.The skyline was amazing! Being low season, it was good having the cable car all to ourselves!
The cable car had 2 stops, and we got off both. The first stop was a short boardwalk along the tropical trees. It wasnt a very interesting stop so we sped off to the cable Q, as I dragged my husband hurriedly to get before the 2 LARGE Japanese tour group and a korean large group. The last thing u need is to be stuck behind a tour group Q that takes forever!

However, the really nice stop was 2nd stop off the Barron Fall cable stop (optional stop). We were pretty lucky that there had been rainfall before we arrive and hence there were actually waterfall to see. Otherwise, I think it would have been quite boring to see rocks and boulders with trickling water. So as our cable ascended, we pass by Barron view and had a bird eye view from the top.

There was a lookout for the falls but i think it didnt look as spectacular as the one taken from the cable, possiblity due to lack of depth angle.

As the cable ascend to the top where the town is, we went pass the beautiful lazy river. If u just keep quiet and listen, you will hear all the myriads of birds and insects surrounding u amongst the greens.

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