Friday, March 21, 2008

OMG! Its Barbapapa!

Its good friday and most shops including Supermarket are closed for the public hols.It came as a shocker that 90% of the shops are closed since we never had that in Asia. However, as expected, the chinese and korean groceries stores in chatswood remains open.

And to my GREATEST surprise, I saw something which I thought I would never see again ever since i was 3yr old.

Oh when I was young, I was absolutely GLUED to the TV everytime it was on. Being the youngest and no one to play with, TV and book cartoons characters were my best friends! So this particular series are my absolute favourites. Though I couldnt remember their names, but I had such vivid and fond memories of that cartoon family and some scenes still at back of my head!!! ... Everytime when I flick through cartoons now, I could still feel that tinge of sadness up to now that the series ended suddenly and I never saw it again on TV (when i was young till now). I didnt know what had happened to my favorite "family" when I was young. Amongst my peers, only a small handful of girlfrens remembered the family but neither could they remember the names.

And now a few decades later out of the blue, I spotted my childhood cartoon "heroes" printed on a sweet pack, here in Australia! Totally knock the wind out of me in gushing excitement! I even know the name now!

It is BARBAPAPA! (巴巴爸爸) Oh i remember how much I love barbapapa and gentle barbamama! I especially love Bababright, the little blue reckless one that can change shapes, and Bababeau too! I love to learn to draw from him!! :) I think I love them coz they were just so loving and fun family! Somehow I found the French sounding version very familiar, much more than the English one. I couldnt rem which was the version I watched though... However, I do not think Singapore Tv station would be showing French cartoons in the 70/ 80's...

I was just watching some old cartoons from you tube and I laughed when I actutally could still remember some part of it! That is what i call DEEP impressions! Oh i just love all my childhood cartoons! They were so much fun!

I SOOOOOOO TOTALLY REMEMBER THIS EPISODE!!!! Of them and their new home! OMG! I have elephant memory!!!

According to their official website,

"The First Barbapapa animated cartoon was produced in 1975. The TV series was broadcast in more than 40 countries and still has a loyal audience. In 1997, Teletoon TV in France re-broadcast this memorable series in answer to popular demand by those who enjoyed watching the series when they were children. Over 300,000 copies of the video-cassettes have been sold to date.

Barbapapa : a classic but evergreen !

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Ah Dom said...

Cartoon i love most when i was a kid is smurf.. If i spell that correctly. :) If it's still on, i will watch again.