Monday, March 31, 2008

Uluru cave paintings remains

We had only 15mins to 9.30am and I figured we wont make it back to the carpark in time to board the bus unless we run, which I didnt think it was worth the effort.

So instead, I proposed to my husband that we would wait at the Mutitjula Waterhole where it was the designated stop for the bus guide. You will noticed the little hollow that is shaped like a heart on the rock wall (above me)

The good thing about being there before the hoards of tour bus is that we had the place mainly to ourselves and little interruption. So I had the chance of getting the Aboriginal cave paintings at lesiure, listening to the birds singing without interruptions and getting shots of birds with no one to frighten them away!

The entrance to the cave painting had a rock formation shaped like a python doesnt it? Story has it that there was a battle between the python snake Kuniya and the warrior snake Liru that had killed her nephew. So in vengence and anger, Kuniya battled the Liru snake here at this spot. I didnt know why some of the people couldnt see the snake at all... well, its there, you just need some imagination :)
As the bus started its bus tour and headed towards Kata Tjuta formation, the guide pointed out one of the sacred side of Uluru, and doesnt it just look like a human skull formation on the left?
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Video clip of birds chirping and Cave painting

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