Monday, March 31, 2008

Walking the Uluru Base walk

The next agenda after the sunrise was touring the Uluru Base. I didnt realise that the base tour had not included the actual base walk (circumference of the rock formation). Instead, the base tour was just having the tour bus driving round and explaining the different site. Luckily though, the bus departs at 2 timing, one was 7.30am and the other 9.30am. So we had the 2 hours free and easy time to do our own walk if we are fit enough. Unhesitatingly, I knew I would be doing the walk. I wont miss it for the world. What fun is it to watch it from a distance in a bus when u can be standing at the base of it gaping in awe? So while the bus took the senior folks off to the cultural centre or some back to the hotel after the sunrise, my husband and I took off with our walk and photosession. Luckily I had packed extra water, chips and sweets for energy replenishment :) Good thinking huh.

The wind was incredibly strong this morning. However after over an hour, it started to get pretty warm and battling against the sand getting into my eyes as the wind whips them up from the road.

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