Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hanging out with gwenie, Sydney

Gwen came back to sydney again for her medical exams. It was nice to have a familiar old face back in the house to keep my company. It was so lovely of her to get me a bday present depsite her stress and hectic schedule even though i told her she didnt have to. It was kinda fun to have her around and prepare her sandwich and stuff while she head out to exam. Kinda like a mum getting all excited for a daughter's exam. ha!

We headed out to dinner after her papers, to Tony Romas together with Yun. I guess it was a good venting session for her as well.

We had a good chat thru the nite till 8am the next day. That's like about 11 hrs conversation..which we didnt even realise until the sky grew from dark to bright! From exams, to high school days, to our life choice, people we meet, our lives....its amazing how far we have each come along so far.

I crawled to bed at 8am feeling somewhat happy and that morn... my mind drifted as i dozed off.

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