Saturday, March 29, 2008

First night at Uluru, Ayers Rock

Finally set off to Ayers Rock today! It was another morning flight and checked in to the "Lost Camel" hotel. It wasnt as hot as I was expecting, only about 30 degrees which is chicken feet for anyone brought up in Singapore. In fact, it didnt even feel as bad since the humidity is so low, so you do not get the sticky feeling as you would in Singapore (unless a nice after rain breeze is blowing)

We didnt have anything plan till pick up at 5pm for dinner. We had booked ourselves in for a special dinner for our first night. It's the "Sound of Silence" Dinner (

What happens is that they will gather everyone who booked for this dinner at one spot (bus pickup), and we will randomly choose any tables to dine out in the open under the stars, with tables set up of course. I wont reckon it will be romantic with so many people, but i believe it will be special. Plus, we wanted a nice eve sunset view of the Uluru on our first night. You never know what weather you will get in the next few days, so we thought might as well make the most of our first night.

The bus was punctual and there were 2 coaches of people. They stop us at this mount and we had canapes of croc and kangeroo meat tarts, free flow of wine/juice etc. The crocs taste like chicken meat, in fact tasted like bland chicken breast meat. I dislike breast meat, so croc meat is not my fav. Kangeroo tasted pretty alrite. kinda like veal. somehow it was very soft, i suspect they marinated it with lotsa bi-soda to tenderise it.....its impossible for me to believe kangeroo with all the muscles can taste that soft....

For some weird reason, the rest of the people there just started to chat and forgot all about experiencing the view - being out there with Uluru and The Oglas view. Must be the wine intoxication. All they do is yak and yak and yak.... By 6pm, the sun started to glow and by 6.30, the sunset was beautiful. So i took the moment to take some eve shots of the area and a video shot. When people started to realise my husband and I were taking pictures, something clicked in their brain and they started to whip out their cameras... talk about being SLOW.....

I love the orange hue.... I love the vastness of the outback... I love being in nature.

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